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As of today (Sat 21st an 2017) the Paypal buttons have been removed from the stock page, and trading will be solely via my Facebook page ( )

Sales have become very erratic via the blog and turnaround times have suffered as a result, due to large numbers of orders coming at once, then quiet periods. This also affects the ability to keep materials stocked up, which has also affected turnaround times.
In order to try and control things a little more and offer a better and faster service, I will be taking orders, and offering baits for sale on a weekly basis (ordered baits will be built the following week after taking orders, so average turnaround will be 7 days or less, obviously finished baits put up for sale will be shipped immediately).
All of the baits on the blog will still be available on regular basis via Facebook , and I will still be able to spray customers colour choices as before when taking orders. I hope this doesn`t cause too much inconvenience to customers, but changes have had to be made to improve service.

The blog will remain online, for reference purpose for the foreseeable future.

My Facebook page can be viewed without having to register, so those with no wish to register on or use Faceboook otherwise, can still keep in touch with baits put up for sale, and when i`m taking orders for particular models, as such I`m more than happy for orders to be emailed in to me for those not registered on Facebook if viewers see a sale bait they`d like to buy, or who`d like to order a particular bait when orders are being taken for them.

For those who`ve recently placed orders via the blog, please be assured these orders are in progress at the moment and will be shipped out as usual, so no need for any concern.

I can be contacted via email at markhou68 "at" aol "dot" com

Current Range

Please note - all of the models below are available in the full range of patterns shown in the colour charts on the "colour charts" page via the link below the header image on the main page. To order enter your chosen colour in the text field next to the Paypal Button. To order multiple lures/colours repeat the process for each chosen lure. Your shopping cart will open in a new window. Quantities can be changed on the checkout page should you wish to purchase duplicates of one lure and pattern.
If you have any special requests (eg you`d like patterns without kill spots) add a note in the "instructions to seller" box at the checkout, or alternatively email me at markhou68 "at" aol "dot" com with your requirements.

***NEW*** Medium diving 60mm Crank`n`Shad

A new addition to the range, this version will reach 4-5ft on the cast, and 8-10ft trolled. Same spec as all of my other balsa baits - treated balsa, through wired for max strength, durable Lean lip and finished in a tough epoxy topcoat. Fitted with size 6 extra sharp trebles and stainless split rings. 60mm body length, and weight approx 10g. Available in all colours - see colour charts page for more  details. Shown below in Black/silver, and Classic Perch patterns.

Price each £5-99 inc. P+P

***NEW**** Deep diving 60mm Crank`n`Shad

Another new addition, to compliment the standard shallow running Crank`n`Shad. This one will reach 8--10ft casting, and 18-20ft when trolled. Same specifications as the medium version above. Fitted with size 6 extra sharp trebles and stainless steel split rings. 60mm body length, weight approx 10g.Both this and the medium diving version work extremely well at mega slow speeds, making them ideal choices for cold water, ultra slow cranking.

Price each £5-99 inc.P+P

55mm AJ Shad

A new bait to the range, slightly smaller than the standard Crank`n`Shad, and runs slightly deeper with more body roll and flash. Boy length 55mm, weight approx 6g, and fitted with size 6 ultra sharp trebles and stainless split rings. Running depth approx 3ft. Shown in Gold Tennessee Shad, Classic Perch, Herring and Silver Pikie. Available in all colours (see colour charts page for details)

Price each £5-50 inc. P+P

55mm alphabet crankbait blanks (sprayed) ****NEW LOWER PRICE****

These are quality blank ABS lure bodies, available in ALL colours apart from foiled finishes and sprayed to order. Overall length 56mm, weight approx 9g. Shallow running baits down to 3ft or so, with a wide wobble. Less buoyant than a lot of other alphabet style baits, enabling the lure to be paused for longer, and maintain running depth with ease. Beautiful action, even when worked painfully slow. Epoxy topcoat to protect the finish - unlike a lot of commercial baits which are only lacquered, the hooks (and fish!) won`t wear the paint off these baits quickly. Baits fitted with size 8 trebles, and extra strong stainless split rings.

Shown above in samples of my standard patterns - Firetiger, Rainbow Back Shad, Silver Pikie, Barred Clown, Blue Clown and Herring.

To watch a video review of these baits, click HERE

Price Each - £2.50 inc.P+P

80mm countdown Crank`n`Shad

80mm countdown version of the popular Crank`n`Shad crankbait, Slow sinking, with the classic Crank`n`Shad action. Ideal for cold water fishing, or deeper venues where the slow sinking properties allow the bait to be worked far deeper than the standard Crank`n`shads and at slow speeds.Approx 21g in weight, fitted with size 4 needle sharp trebles and stainless split rings. Available in all colours, and shown below in Rainbow Trout, Classic Perch, Herring and Esox.

Price each £8-50 inc.P+P.

60mm Countdown Crank`n`Shad Crankbaits

Same size, and action properties as the standard 60mm Crank`n`Shad, but with a slightly larger lip, this model is weighted to sink very slowly. A great advantage in colder conditions where you need to fish the baits slow and deep. Can be fished very effectively as a twitchbait, and the slow sink properties allow for lengthy pauses if required. Weight approx 12g.

See Luretour review  HERE

Shown in Fruit Salad, Minnow and Lemon Pikie.

Price £5-99 inc. P+P

50mm Chunky Minnow

After many requests I`ve decided to bring back one of the first baits I sold when the blog first opened. A floating, shallow diving minnow (down to 18"-2ft) with a thicker body profile than standard baits. Gorgeous rolling action, works beautifully at slow speeds. This lure has proved very successful for Chub, as well as taking Pike, Perch and Trout. 50mm long, approx 6g in weight. Fitted with stainless split rings and extra sharp size 6 round bend trebles.Available in all patterns. Shown here in Brown Trout pattern.

Price - £5-50 each inc.postage.

60mm Crank`n`shad crankbait

A very popular bait over the last year which accounted for large Pike, Perch, Brown Trout and Chub . Approx 60mm long, and 7g in weight. A shallow runner down to 2ft or so. Through-wired, treated balsa construction, and finished with a tough epoxy topcoat. Can be fished with a variety of retrieves. Works very well when twitched, or with a stop and go hesitant cranking retrieve - fish love to hit these on the pause!
Fitted with size 6 round bend, needle sharp trebles and stainless split rings. Now available in no less than 70 colour patterns! Shown in new pattern - Esox

Price - £5-50 each inc. postage.

60mm Slide`n`Shad twitchbait

Another popular bait over the last year or so. Has accounted for Pike to almost 20lbs, as well as good Perch, and Chub.
60mm long and 12g in weight. A slow sinking twitchbait with a darting action. Fish with taps of the rod tip to make the bait dance from side-to-side. Fitted with size 6 round bend, needle sharp trebles and stainless split rings.Shown in example colours Bluegill, Brown Trout, Heddon Perch and Firetiger.

Price - £5-99 each inc. postage.

80mm Slide`n`Shad twitchbait

A larger version of the standard Slide`n`Shad. 80mm long, and 20g in weight. Same darting action as the standard version, and fished in the same way, with taps of the rod tip. A slow to medium sinker. Fitted with size 4 round bend, needle sharp trebles and stainless split rings. Shown in new colour Glitter Blue Shiner.

Price £8-50 each inc.postage

100mm Fat Belly Shad crankbaits

A flat sided bait, with a lovely body roll on the retrieve. The profile, and roll, give off a lot of body flash on the retrieve, and the deep, flat sides move a lot of water, giving the bait a great "presence" in the water.
Runs down to 3ft or so. As the "sponsored" lure for a recent Lure Anglers Society competition, this lure proved a superb catcher, accounting for Pike, Perch (some as small as the lure!!) and even Zander.
100mm in length, and 22g in weight. Fitted with size 2 round bend, needle sharp trebles, and Lexan diving lip. Shown in Real Perch.

Price £8-50 each inc.postage

100mm Walk`n`Minnow topwater

A slim surface bait, with a classic "walk the dog" action. If twitched hard, the nose creates a lot of noise as it slaps the surface. Has already accounted for some good fish.
100mm in length, and 13g in weight. Fitted with size 2 round bend, needle sharp trebles and stainless split rings. Shown in new colour Blue Mackerel.

Price £8-50 each inc.postage

100mm Slide`n`Minnow glidebait

Another slim bait, this one a classic subsurface glidebait. Slow sinking, can be worked very subtly with gentle taps of the rod tip, or faster with harder jerks. Classic side-to-side gliding action.
100mm long, and 20g in weight. Fitted with size 2 round bend, needle sharp trebles and stainless split rings. Shown in new colour Musky.

Price £8-50 each inc.postage

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