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For more information about my handmade lures check out the "about my lures" page, in the pages list on the right of the homepage.


As of today (Sat 21st an 2017) the Paypal buttons have been removed from the stock page, and trading will be solely via my Facebook page ( )

Sales have become very erratic via the blog and turnaround times have suffered as a result, due to large numbers of orders coming at once, then quiet periods. This also affects the ability to keep materials stocked up, which has also affected turnaround times.
In order to try and control things a little more and offer a better and faster service, I will be taking orders, and offering baits for sale on a weekly basis (ordered baits will be built the following week after taking orders, so average turnaround will be 7 days or less, obviously finished baits put up for sale will be shipped immediately).
All of the baits on the blog will still be available on regular basis via Facebook , and I will still be able to spray customers colour choices as before when taking orders. I hope this doesn`t cause too much inconvenience to customers, but changes have had to be made to improve service.

The blog will remain online, for reference purpose for the foreseeable future.

My Facebook page can be viewed without having to register, so those with no wish to register on or use Faceboook otherwise, can still keep in touch with baits put up for sale, and when i`m taking orders for particular models, as such I`m more than happy for orders to be emailed in to me for those not registered on Facebook if viewers see a sale bait they`d like to buy, or who`d like to order a particular bait when orders are being taken for them.

For those who`ve recently placed orders via the blog, please be assured these orders are in progress at the moment and will be shipped out as usual, so no need for any concern.

I can be contacted via email at markhou68 "at" aol "dot" com

About my lures

The majority of the lures I make are from balsa. With the advent of the modern epoxy topcoats, it is now possible to produce balsa baits as durable as the varnished harder wood baits of years past.
The basic workflow for the creation of each bait is as follows....

First the bodies are cut, shaped, and smoothed, then soaked in wood hardener, which has the effect of preventing any splitting, should there be any water ingress after extensive heavy use. The lures are then sealed again, this time with a hardening agent which gives the bait a tough outer shell, and makes it less prone to being crushed.

Next, the belly slots are cut, the bait`s through wired and glued. At this stage any necessary ballast is added, and the diving lip slot (if present)is cut and the lip temporarily fitted for testing and balancing.
Once tank tested, the lures are sealed again after drying, and then undergo a 3 stage priming process.

Then, the baits are smoother again, airbrushed, epoxy topcoated and the diving lips fitting, where appropriate.

The final process is the fitting of hooks, and another bout of tank testing to ensure the baits work as expected.

As you can see, the building of these baits is quite an extensive process, with the emphasis being on their action,  durability and strength. There may be much prettier baits out there, but these baits are built as tough as I can possibly make them, with actions that I know from experience will catch fish.

I am always keen to receive feedback on my baits, good or bad, as it helps me to improve them, both in durability and performance. Also, if anyone who has purchased any of my baits would like to do a mini review for this site, then feel free to email me at markhou68 "at" aol "dot" com.

Likewise, any feedback on the site itself is most welcome, and will help me to keep the site as user-friendly as possible.